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Lunch Menu
Served from 11am - 3pm Every Day!
Soup and salad
Greek or Chef salad, choice of dressing, served with cup of homemade soup.
Low carb combo
Three homemade meatballs w/ meal sauce served with mini greek or chef salad.
Shrimp tacos (2)
Grilled tortillas, ginger slaw, mango salsa, cilantro & avocado ranch with fries.
Ahi tuna tacos
Blackened, seared sushi grade ahi tuna with wasabi aioli, ginger slaw and soy glaze. Served with fries.
Spanakopita (spinach pie) lunch
Layered filo dough, spinach, feta, scallions, dill, served with meatless Greek salad
Pasta Special
Tuscan penne
Grilled chicken, penne pasta, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, olive oil, marinara.
Penne gorgonzola
Mushrooms, tomatoes, grilled chicken, garlic, penne pasta, Gorgonzola, cream sauce.
Tortellini a la fontina
Carrots, peas, green beans, bell peppers, mushrooms, grilled chicken, mushrooms, sweet onion, Fontina & Gouda cream sauce.
Spaghetti w/ meat sauce or marinara
Bacon Mac ‘n’ cheese
Smoked Gouda, Fontina, Vermont cheddar, Applewood smoked bacon.
Pizza Special
Slice of cheese or pepperoni
Served with soup or meatless Greek salad
Pizza by the slice
Pepperoni od cheese pizza.
Subs & Sandwiches
Meatball sub WHOLE
With melted mozarella and meat sauce.
Italian sub WHOLE
Cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomato, Italian dressing.
Mahi mahi sandwich
Grilled, seasoned Mahi, cheddar, avocado ranch, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado ranch on a kaiser roll.
BBQ pork sandwich
Slow roasted pork, grilled onions, provolone, BBQ sauce, ginger slaw
Short rib sandwich
slow roasted beef with jalapeno jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pesto and chipotle mayo and ciabatta bread
Chicken Ceasar wrap
Tomato basil wrap, grilled chicken, parmesan, romaine lettuce, Ceasar dressing, ginger slaw.


The American burger
American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles
The Preacher burger
Applewood bacon, topped with tillamook cheddar, grilled onions, bbq sauce on the side
Spicy Black Bean Burger
Jalapeno jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles
Bison Burger
Canadian bison ranch natural choice burger with lettuce, tomato ,onions, tillamook cheddar cheese

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